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Born of love, passion, and a fueled purpose in helping you feel better mentally & physically; we utilize the simplicity of warm and cold therapy, with Cryotherapy and full-spectrum infrared sauna along with red light therapy and advanced recovery compression suits.

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CRYOGLOWSF is a non-invasive holistic wellness center in San Mateo. Born of love, passion, and a fueled purpose in helping you feel better mentally & physically. We utilize the simplicity of warm and cold therapy, with both new age Cryotherapy technology, and full-spectrum infrared sauna along with light color therapy and advanced recovery compression suits. We focus on every person as an individual and create a service plan that is unique to you. Our services include pain relief, body contouring, muscle recovery, preventative care along with beautifying and enhancing your “glow.”  Every body is different, and every treatment plan is too! You do you, we will help!


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Carol HinkCarol Hink
05:07 04 Nov 22
Alex and her team are amazing!! I'm so grateful that I found them in April 2022. I was recovering from burnout and looking for other ways to boost my immune system to heal.They are incredibly helpful, and thanks to their guidance, we found a regimen that works exceptionally well for me. I've been doing weekly infrared sauna sessions and lymphatic drainage sessions. And within weeks, my skin no longer looked gray, and my sleep was improving. By July, my sleep was way better than it had been in years! My skin has that glow back, I have more energy, and my hair and nails are healthier. The results have been dramatic.I also received the healing benefit of a cryo session when my back went out. Alex treated my back before my sauna session to help improve the healing process. It made such a huge difference that I look forward to adding cryo to my regimen in the future too.I love feeling that they are my well-being partner.And I appreciate how they always go above and beyond!
Ann SoyAnn Soy
21:55 08 Oct 22
I’ve been struggling with joint pain, on and off, in my elbow for the last year and a half and have always thought about trying cryotherapy and now FINALLY I had the opportunity to do so!Upon meeting Alex, the owner of CryoGlowSF, she was extremely warm, friendly, and most of all, knowledgeable. When I told her about my elbow issue, she recommended the local cryotherapy.I felt immediate relief!I definitely plan on checking out their other services and membership offerings!
Kylie HoKylie Ho
20:28 24 Aug 22
Alex, the owner of CryoGlowSF, is amazing. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to Cryo. I brought my mom in due to frozen shoulder. She had a few strokes some years back and hasn’t had full function of her left arm/hand since. After one session of localized cryo, we could see how her muscles were able to relax and her arm opened up a few inches. She was able to mobilize her fingers and open her palm a little more as well. Alex was very attentive and made sure my mom was comfortable throughout the procedure. To see the joy on my mom’s face from how much progress she made after three sessions was priceless. Thank you Alex and all the technicians at CryoGlowSF!
Anson TanAnson Tan
17:28 29 Jan 22
Alex and Katelyn have both been so amazing in my experience when I visit for my T Shock treatments. They offer both a T Shock and Sauna facility amongst others, which somehow works really well when used together. I saw immediate results as compared to some other places and treatments I've been through where it was also more pricey. They are super attentive and even though I've visited only a couple of times they remember my preferences etc. and that made me feel so appreciated and valued (imagine when she wished me PERSONALLY on my birthday!) Overall, a phenomenal experience

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