Reduce inflammation & swelling, enhance your sleep & recovery, increase your energy & stamina, while resisting the signs of aging.


Increases energy
Boosts metabolism
Reduces inflammation
Naturally releases endorphins
Alleviates muscle and joint pain
Decreases anxiety and depression
Improves circulation and blood flow
Athletic recovery and improved workouts

We love CryoTherapy for the myriad of benefits it brings to people of all shapes & sizes. It is incredibly safe & effective treatment therapy for every body.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the use of ultra-cold temperatures in short bursts.Many of our patients experience results in as little as one or two treatments. The effects of CryoTherapy are cumlative, and best experinced over the span of several treatments. Exposure to these cold temperatures is known to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and treat a number of conditions like chronic migraines.

Is the process safe?

Yes, it safe for the whole family. We use it for ourselves and our families. If you are uncomfortable during your session, just mention it to your CryoGlowSf professional and they will adjust the treatment.

Localized Cryotherapy for hands
Localized Cryotherapy for joints & pain