Fire & Ice Treatment

Hot & cold brought together for your benefit

The Infrared sauna we trust to help you be your best

30-minute full-spectrum Infrared sauna session followed by localized cryotherapy pain management/muscle recovery treatment.

Package includes:
Localized Cryotherapy – Pain Relief (15 min)
30 Min- Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna (30 min)

Benefits of CryoTherapy

Increases energy
Boosts metabolism
Reduces inflammation
Naturally releases endorphins
Alleviates muscle and joint pain
Decreases anxiety and depression
Improves circulation and blood flow
Athletic recovery and improved workouts

Benefits of Infrared Sauna

Stress relief
Whole body detox
Muscle relief
Mood elevation
Improve sleep
Lose weight
Decrease inflammation
Loosen joints
Lower blood pressure