Muscle Recovery & Relaxation

Full Body Recovery offers a low-stress solution for quick, comprehensive muscle recovery

Compression therapy for the arms

Experience the elite athlete’s best-kept recovery secret… Compression Therapy! This air pressure massage technology improves your body’s maneuverability and enhances your longevity. It can be used to warm up pre-workout, recover quickly post training or to soothe daily aches and pains.

NormaTec Full Body Recovery offers a high-tech, low-stress solution for quick, comprehensive muscle recovery. Whether your focus is running, climbing, cross-training, throwing, tackling, or powerlifting, wearing NormaTec’s electronically stimulated compression boots and sleeve attachments (before or after an intense workout) can help warm up / rejuvenate the muscle tissue and dramatically reduce tightness and soreness in the quads, hamstrings, hips, biceps, shoulders, etc. This means less downtime and greater overall productivity. The process mirrors natural occurring waveform flows in the body, and works painlessly while you rest.

Benefits of Compression Therapy

Reduce aches & pains
improve circulation
reduce inflammation
remove lactic acid
massage sore muscles
accelerate recovery